Full length mirrors are not often deemed as a necessity. They might only seem like an accessory, one that adorns the majority of your wall and reflects your life back at you. Often deemed as only a prerequisite to a perfect OOTD shot, a full length mirror serves more purpose than we might be aware of. If used appropriately, a full length mirror can be an essential in your living space. Serving multifarious purposes, a full length mirror is more than just a mirror.

A full length mirror provides the illusion of space in your room. The moment you place a mirror that occupies the majority of your wall, your room transcends its reality. If you want to extend the illusion further, you can place two full length mirrors on opposing walls.

A mirror placed at an appropriate spot helps illuminate the room further, reflecting light and brightening the room further, which further enforces the feeling of additional roominess. A full length mirror, with the right placement, can turn a suffocating room into a spacious one. 

A mirror can just as well make for a lovely decorative addition to a room. Not only does it singularly impact a room, taking it up a notch can further enhance and accentuate the best features. Have a velvet green couch in your room? Paint the frame the very colour and watch that ornate piece of furniture pop!

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